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‘Life is a race’ from the movie ‘3 Idiots’ has played a significant role in our community for the last few decades. When students and parents run behind medical and engineering courses, the irony is only 2 per cent of the applicants get selected to the top colleges. We should be clear about our goal as the competition in Engineering and Medical fields is so high that the goal gets obscure and it makes the race meaningless. But the technological advancements have turned the design field into a new future that offers an endless number of job opportunities. We should be proud of the fact that Keralites are excelling in the field of engineering and medicine. On the other hand, we should be equally concerned that the same Keralites are not a part of the design career, though it ensures a secure job and pays well.

Smart Cities Mission launched in 2015 is an initiative of the Government of India which aims to develop smart cities across the country, making them citizen-friendly and sustainable. Thereby, talented and well-qualified designers are an urgent requirement to pull a massive modern make-over.

Also, Atmanirbhar Bharat, or Self Reliant India scheme, was announced during the announcement of India’s COVID-19 pandemic related economic package in May 2020, attracting start-ups in the country.

But what is the role of design aspirants here? Branding is one of the main areas of focus for start-ups. Every successful business entity must have a unique brand identity and should convey the same propaganda to everyone. This is where designers come to the frame. They extend their hands in pushing the brand online and also in the unconventional field with exceptionally outstanding designs for companies.

‘Make in India’ initiative has also given a splendid boost to the textile industries and several other experts who are aiming to make India a fashion manufacturing unit.

Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha has also stressed the vitality of design in the National Institution of Design (Amendment) Bill, 2019 debate. He has explained how design plays a very important role in how a country is being perceived by its global neighbours and citizens, and how design is one of the crucial strengths in soft power during the 21st century.

Therefore, designers are the need of the present and the future. Thereby, India’s best institutions aid in producing the country’s top-notch designers.

Mr Tharoor critiqued, “Indians have for centuries proven that given the right training and environment, can produce works of art and substance that are unmatched in design across the world”. Ghaya Institute of Design provides the right training and environment to help students gain admission in one of the top INIs as mentioned. So, if you have decided on a design career, come join and learn from our qualified and experienced design faculty.

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