People passing out with B.Des qualification has high demand in the labour market within and outside India, at a time when the number of well educated people are on rise. Today, there are 3 different entrance exams for a person willing to pursue a design career. Around seven thousand seats are there alone in only the premier institutes of India. Apart from these premier institutes, there are several other institutions led by private and state government throughout India. We should be very proud of the fact that Malayalees are excelling in the field of engineering and medicine. But it is not the case in design field. The number of Malayalees is this field is comparatively less, though it ensures a secure job. The premier institutes offer 27% reservation for OBC students alone. Similarly, other categories are also offered certain percentage of reservation. These public-private institutions provide more than 25 branches including vehicle, communication, exhibition, fashion and sports wear design. The designers prophesize the fashion trend for the coming 10 years.

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